Reducing our carbon footprint is the most important step we can take to help us live within the means of our planet, and this goal forms the foundation of all our activities.  As we move forward, we hope to create more opportunities to learn and develop practical ways to work toward climate solutions that we can apply in our region.

If you are interested in participating in one of the projects below, if you have other ideas or experience to share, or if you just want to learn a little bit more about what we are doing, contact us or join us at any of our meetings or events. Everyone is welcome!

Check out our Events Page or join us on Facebook to get all the details.

Building a Network


One thing we know is that if we want to make meaningful change, we can't do it alone. Over the past years, we have been gradually becoming part of a larger network by sharing resources, ideas, and information and supporting other environmental and community organizations. If you have an interest in forging relationships, planning, researching, or communications (of all sorts), we welcome your enthusiasm and ideas (big and small).

Supporting Sustainable Local Food Initiatives

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Access to sustainable, affordable food sources is more important now than ever. This group looks for ways in which our community can contribute to food security and connect with local farmers. The Grow-a-Row initiative and Merrickville Food Cupboard are both supported by Sustainable Merrickville-Wolford. Some future projects for this group include a developing a podcast and renewing the "Ask a Farmer" series. New ideas are always welcome.


This initiate encourages local gardeners to plant an extra row of vegetables to share with their local food bank. Thanks to the generosity of our community, it continues to be a great success, with hundreds of pounds of produce donated to the Merrickville Food Cupboard each year.

Merrickville Emergency Food Cupboard

With the sustained support of a dedicated group of volunteers and donors, we continue to provide help to individuals and families in our community when they need it. Thank you to everyone for your generosity in both time and donations!

If you are interested in learning more about what you can do, please contact us any time.


  • If you would like to donate:
  • Fresh garden produce can be dropped off at the Merrickville Health Centre during regular working hours - ideally on Mondays or Tuesdays.
  • Non-perishables donations can be dropped off at Healthily Ever After, located at 118 Brock Street West in Merrickville.
  • Financial contributions can be made by e-transfer to, or you can drop off a cheque at the Health Centre reception. Please mark your donation for the “Client Needs Fund”.

If you or someone you know needs to access the Food Cupboard, please contact or call 613-269-3400.

Enriching Local Gardens

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Diversity is the key to a flourishing garden. This group promotes healthy, productive gardens by supporting the collection and sharing of local climate-adapted seed stock through the Merrickville Seed Library and the Seedy Saturday event. It also challenges the concept of a manicured, monoculture, close-cropped grass lawns as the ideal of yard-perfection. If you are interested in native species (including trees and shrubs), seed sharing, or exploring better alternatives to traditional gardening and lawn maintenance, we would love to hear from you.

Merrickville Seed Library

Sustainable Merrickville-Wolford and the Merrickville Public Library co-launched the new Merrickville Seed Library in 2021. While typically focused on heirloom and organic vegetables, flowers and other seed stock were collected as well, as a diversity of plants is key to a healthy garden. We would like to thank the Lions Club for their generous donation that allowed us to get the project underway. Now that it is up and running, the aim is for it to be self-sustainable, with local gardeners popping in to pick up seeds in the spring, and then saving and donating seeds at the end of the season.
In 2022, we introduced Merrickville's first Seedy Saturday in support of the Seed Library. An enthusiastic group of volunteers, contributers, and visitors made the day a great success. There are now plans are in place to make this an annual event.

How to donate

Please make sure that your seeds are clearly marked with the
  • Year collected
  • Type of plant and variety of plant (e.g., red cherry tomato; autumn beauty sunflower)
  • Any extra information that may be helpful (how deep to plant seeds, when to start them, amount of sun, soil, etc.)

Donated seeds will be collected, organized, and distributed through the library. Seeds can be dropped off at the Public Library or at Healthily Ever After in Merrickville.

for Change

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Do you want to have your voice heard? If you are interested in making real changes in your community, this group is always looking for ways to support and partner with local governments to advance climate solutions. We also support our Merrickville-Wolford Environmental Advisory Committee as they continue their important role here in the Village.

Other Initiatives We Support

Merrickville District Trails Society: Riverwalk Trail

We are pleased to support the development of the Merrickville District Trails Society's new Riverwalk Trail for residents and visitors to Merrickville. The new trail is being built in stages along the shoreline of the Rideau River near the Merrickville Public Library and will include a viewing platform overlooking the Rideau Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

Walkers, joggers, and woodland explorers will meet shoreline wildlife and vegetation, learn about the richness of the ”riparian” area, and feel the importance of wetlands within the Rideau River Watershed. Interpretive signs will be added. The nearby public library is developing a collection of information relevant to the trail.