Buy local

Locally grown food has countless benefits to offer, such as:
  • Increasing your understanding of where your food comes from and how it’s grown
  • Reducing your carbon footprint and supporting more environmentally friendly farming practices
  • Supporting the local economy and encouraging a sense of community
  • Increasing the health benefits and flavour of your food
  • Improving food security

A list of local farms in the Merrickville-Wolford area is provided below. Each farm offers a choice of services from CSAs to home-cooked prepared meals, and many offer tours so you can see for yourself whether their practices meet your needs. Contact them to find out more about their products and open yourself up to a whole new range of possibilities.

Did you know? Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a food production and distribution system that directly connects farmers and their customers. People pay upfront at the beginning of the season for their shares of a farm's harvest and then receive a portion of the crops as they are harvested. Check the list below for farms that offer CSAs.

If you know of a farm that we may want to add to the list, please contact us at:

Local Farms and Community Gardens

Bluegrass Farm logo

Bluegrass Farm

Bluegrass Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm focusing on salad greens and garlic. An innovative system of heated greenhouses helps to supply fresh local produce nearly year-round.
  • Produce is sold in stores and restaurants with some bulk orders offered for delivery or pick-up, contact the farm for more information.

Bower Farm logo

Bower Farm

Bower Farm is a small family run farm producing organic vegetables, pasture raised eggs, and honey.
  • A CSA program is available with home delivery or pick up options.

Connerty Meadows Farm logo

Connerty Meadows Farm

Connerty Meadows Farm is a small family run farm that raises Boer Nubian cross goats and a variety of specialty chickens, among other animals. The Connerty’s are passionate gardeners and shepard’s of the land they live on, raising animals with love and their happiness in mind. Goat milk soaps and other bath and beauty products are handmade using many ingredients from the farm.
  • Fresh eggs and a variety of health and beauty products can be purchased directly from the farm.

Fair Sun Farm logo

Fair Sun Farm

Fair Sun Farm is a small-scale certified organic vegetable farm working with nature instead of against it. By growing nutritious chemical-free food they empower hope for a more positive future in our little corner of the world.
  • A CSA program is available; shares are completely customizable and available for weekly home delivery in designated locations or pickup at the farm.

Flycreek Farm logo

Flycreek Farm

Flycreek Farm raises highland cattle and grows award-winning garlic, flowers, and vegetables.
  • A farm stand is located at the corner of Flycreek and Jellyby road from May to October with market vegetables, transplants, and flowers.
  • Preserves and savoury pies are available at the Brockville Farmers Market from May to December.

Golden Creek Horticulture logo

Golden Creek Horticulture

Golden Creek Horticulture provides sustainably grown vegetables free from herbicides, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers. Using regenerative agricultural methods, we strive toward improving the health of our soil while increasing the nutritional yield of our produce.
  • A CSA program is available; produce is also available for sale to local restaurants and at local farmers' markets. Delivery is available at a flat rate to Brockville and the surrounding area; locations beyond can contact the farm to make arrangements.

Harmony Farm logo

Harmony Farm

Based on the principles of regenerative agriculture, Harmony Farm offers vegetables, meat and eggs, and maple products, along with prepared food and handicrafts to the local market. As its name suggests, all of the farm produce is grown in harmony with the local environment, without the use of chemicals, and many of the vegetables are grown from heirloom or perennial seeds. Animals are free to graze and forage in open pastures.
  • Weekly free deliveries are provided to customers in Ottawa/Gatineau and Brockville, or orders can be picked up at the farm in Brockville. Visit the farm website for more information.

Little Window Farm logo

Little Window Farm

Little Window Farm provides fresh and healthy food for the community through sustainable and ethical practices that contribute to the well-being of our local ecosystems.
  • A CSA program is available; produce is also sold through local businesses, e.g., at Healthily Ever After in Merrickville.

Miss Mary's logo

Miss Mary's Honey

All Miss Mary’s Honey products come from bees that forage on their pesticide-free acreage of mixed wild flowers, trees, shrubs, and fields. Visitors are always welcome.
  • Honey is available for pick up from the farm or at Healthily Ever After and the Sunday Market in Merrickville; deliveries may be available depending on location.

Merrifield Farms logo

Merrifield Farm

Merrifield Farms is a family-run producer of grass fed, free range chicken. In the pasture, a mobile barn, with no floor and open walls provides shelter and protection for the chickens. This allows them the freedom to naturally choose their preferred environment.
  • Sold directly from the farm.

Of Field and Forest logo

Of Field and Forest

Of Field and Forest offers local and zero-waste seasonal produce, grown on a small scale using methods that promote sustainability and biodiversity. For more information, contact
  • Weekly orders can be purchased via the website and picked up at the farmstand on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer and early fall.
  • Prebuilt cedar raised beds are also available, with an extra charge for delivery. Purchases include free support for the 2021 growing season.

Pioneer Gardens

Pioneer Gardens

Pioneer Gardens is a small-scale organic farm committed to creating a stable and sustainable site where food can continue to be produced for generations. Forty varieties of vegetables are grown on the farm each year using regenerative agriculture techniques.
  • Produce is sold at the local Kemptville Market.
  • Open pollinated and heirloom seeds will be available in the fall of 2021.

Plot of Earth logo

Plot of Earth

Plot of Earth is a small market garden passionate about growing local healthy food and using ecological methods.
  • A CSA program is available; produce will also available at local farmers’ markets when they are open; check for updates on their Facebook page including the possibility of an online farmers' market.

Windchime Galloways logo

Windchime Farm

Windchime Farm, a small family enterprise, raising grass-fed Belted Galloway Beef and Shropshire Lamb for the health conscious consumer's table.

Other Helpful Websites

These sites have additional information on locally sourced food in Eastern Ontario: